Literaturempfehlung: Mosston/Ashworth, Teaching Physical Education

The definitive source for the groundbreaking ideas of the “Spectrum of Teaching Styles” introduced by Mosston and Ashworth and developed during 35 years in the field.

Teaching Physical Education, Fifth Edition, offers teachers a foundation for understanding the decision-making structures that exist in all teaching/learning environments and for recognizing the variables that increase effectiveness while teaching physical education. In this thoroughly revised and streamlined edition, all chapters have been updated to include hundreds of real-world examples, concise charts, practical forms, and concrete suggestions for “deliberate teaching” so that teachers can understand their classrooms‘ flow of events, analyze decision structures, implement adjustments that are appropriate for particular classroom situations, and deliberately combine styles to achieve effective variations. As in prior editions, individual chapters describe the anatomy of the decision structure as it relates to teachers and learners, the objectives (O-T-L-O) of each style, and the application of each style to various activities and educational goals.

Titel: Teaching Physical Education

Autoren: Muska Mosston/Sara Ashworth

Verlag: Benjamin Cummings

ISBN 13: 9780205340934

ISBN 10: 0-205-34093-8

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