Konkurrenz-Weltschwimmverband macht Dampf

Die Initianten der World Swimming Association unter Federführung von John Leonard, Präsident der World Swimming Coaches Association, laden zur konstituierenden Sitzung eines Weltschwimmverbandes ein, der sich Transparenz auf die Fahnen schreibt.

Das ist die Einladung im englischen Originaltext:

„World Swimming Association Constitutional Convention
(You are invited)
From 3:00-8:00 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2017, the CONSTITUTIONAL
Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, USA and YOU are invited to
participate! Plan now to attend this historic event, when we focus on
forming a new world Swimming organization focused strictly on Swimming.

WSA will be athlete-focused, professionally-directed and transparent.

Two things will be accomplished at the Convention:

First, we will finalize (modify and approve) the WSA Constitution which
has been openly developed online for the past 18 months. (Find the most
current version of the Constitution at here:

Second, we will form working committees for each of the developmental
areas that WSA will focus on, and begin planning and working on each
area. The committees will be named and described next month and emailed
to you.

If you are ready to change the world of Olympic Sport to the sport you
fell in love with as a young person, come and join us.

It is an end to corruption, self-centered governance, and money into the
pockets of those „leading“ the sport. Money will flow to the ATHLETES
for a change. And we will be DEVELOPING the ENTIRE WORLD of Swimming
nations, not focused on putting money into the pockets of the
self-appointed „leaders“ in each nation. We will also put an END TO
DOPING with High-Throughput Testing!

In addition, on Saturday, September 2, 2017 we will have a FULL DAY of
your choice of coaching clinic programs for Elite Swimming (6 coaches of
Rio Olympic gold medalists) or Age Group swimming. (More information to
follow in coming months as the program is developed.)

Please put September 1-2 on your calendar now!

All the Best,
John Leonard“

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